December 16, 2007 8:25 PM

A few things you may consider to do before you go:

For those of you who are already done with finals, congratulations! You have survived another (or your first one if you are a Freshman) rigorous semester at the nation’s #1 public university! For those of you who still have papers/presentations/exams next week, keep the good work and you are almost there!

Here are a few things you may consider to do before you go:

1). Sell your textbooks
You can go to Cal Student Store or Neds to sell back your books. However, if you feel that the price at which they are buying back your stuff is not satisfying, just visit to register and list your item there!
(Disclaimer: is a textbook classifieds network owned and operated by a Berkeley alumnus and an UCLA student. Though there is no charge for the service, there is no guarantee that someone will buy your book)

2). Do some laundry
Personally, I have piled up some laundry the past two weeks because I just don’t have the leisure to do them! But hey, you don’t want your dirty clothing to sit there (in a basket at the corner in your closet) until you come back in January. Technically, you could pack your laundry into a suitcase and bring them home. But you are a college student who has the ability to take care of yourself. So let’s finish them before you leave.

3). Finish spending your meal points if you have a meal plan
Wasting meal points = wasting your money!

4). Have fun!!!

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