December 10, 2007 4:48 PM

A Place to study

As the semester winds down, I remember why the last few weeks after Thanksgiving come and go so quickly. Aside from course wrap-ups and professor and gsi evaluations, there are also end of the year/semester events all over campus. I remember when I was a freshman we got booted out of the dorms the last day of finals and couldn't get back in until welcome week. That wasn't actually a problem for me because I was packed and ready to go back home well before finals even started- and I brought home about 3 check-in luggages as well as my 2 carry-ons. As I sit here, I'm thinking, when will I really have time to pack, what I really need to pack anyways besides maybe a few essentials to last me a few weeks...and how did I do it back then?

All this random thinking comes of course only because it's time for finals, time to "buckle down" and study. I think this is true for every college student but I feel like we all need a study place, where we are motivated to work. For some it's the library (but God knows I DO NOT want to fight for then fend my spot in the library from all the troopers who call it "home" for the duration of finals. I think i'm getting old, I need my sleep. That's why I stay close to home. My favorite places to study? It's a tie between Royal Grounds on Shattuck and Starbucks on Oxford, the places where I tell myself I have to work.

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