December 9, 2007 9:24 PM

A Wonderful Weekend

So, my weekend was a blast. Basically, after finishing the GRE on Saturday, I've been happier than a clam -- that is, before the oceans started to acidify. Today, I participated in a fund raising event with my Martial Arts school in Danville. I used to practically live there, but I've only been there a few times this semester. I miss it!

A group of 14 of us performed 1,000 kicks for charity. We each sought people to sponsor us by pledging donations to the Bay Area Covenant House, a shelter for homeless youth in Oakland. Everyone who sponsored me pledged a flat rate donation, except a good friend of mine. Shout outs to Lucy, Brian, Dina, Dmitriy, Paulo, Donna, Kimberly, and John. Thanks guys!

Collectively, we raised more than a few thousand dollars, all of which will be paired with matching donations when the money makes it to the Covenant House in a few weeks. I'll add some pictures to this post later. Now, all I have to focus on are job interviews, finishing up final term papers, and studying for finals. It’s going to much more fun than practicing for a standardized test, that’s for sure!

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