December 25, 2007 12:48 PM

Ah...taking a breath or two..

Finally now that finals are over (and I must say I feel so relieved to actually survive seven finals and come out in one peice!) I am going tp kick back and enjoy my time off. Yes, thats one of the best things about Berkeley, winter break is truly a BREAK no more classes to worry about, no more tests to worry about and you get to move out of the cold rain for a while (if you're fortunate enough to go on vacation with your family in San Diego...yes yes its 69 degrees here and the sun is beautiful)...If you go to school here you take this break for granted and think "oh this is only normal", indeed it's normal for most schools but for other less privilaged students like Harvard break means a two week period to fuss about the finals you're going to still have to take when you return to school. Sad? Yes it for those of you going to Harvard and other such school, good luck (and ha-ha) and to Cal...hip hip horray!

Happy holidays everyone!

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