December 1, 2007 1:56 PM

almost done!

with only a few weeks left of school until the dreaded finals, there are a few things I have figured out about collegiate life here at berkeley that may be useful to freshman who may read this sometime next year...
1) If you live in a dorm, get to know your floormates: Chances are that for most freshman, dorm life will be last unique experience of living together in somewhat of a community living environment. Most of my closest friends here are the ones that live only a few doors away, and getting to know them has been the best way for me to feel at home here at cal.
2) Don't be afraid to challenge yourself. Although this may seem a bit clique, i really wish I took this piece of advice for myself a little more intently both from academic and non-academic perspective. For example, I originally was signed up to take chemistry 1a but was scared that I wouldn't remember my chemistry from high school. So instead I took the P chem class with Richard Gibson. And don't get me wrong, Richard is an amazing teacher and the class is helpful for those who didn't have too good of a chemistry background, but I really wished I went ahead and took the more challenging chemistry 1a class. Especially since many of my floormates are taking that same class right now, I realize that if i were to take that class then I would be surrounded by peers who could help me out. Also, since I've looked at the material that my floormates are studying, i've realized that the concepts were not as difficult as I thought. In the end, it's one of my regrets of this semester that I didn't challenge myself.
3) join things! clubs, sports, volunteering, jobs....whatever you choose, it will round out your experience here at cal.

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