December 31, 2007 7:12 PM

Campus Job (Water!)

A month or so ago my mother advised me to get a part-time job. She did so not because we were in dire financial straits; I am fortunate enough to say that my attendance at Berkeley is well paid for by the generosity of my parents (a fact that they see fit to remind me of on a consistent basis). No, money was not the issue. My mother simply wanted me to be build up some discipline and have some experience working a job. To put it in her words, "If you have a job, it will look like at least you're trying."

So I returned to my old job at Memorial Stadium. That's right, I am an integral part of the Sports Medicine team, charged with taking good care of our beloved Cal athletes. I am privileged to work with the football team, and play a pivotal role in ensuring that the Golden Bears are healthy and strong during practice. I am a Hydration Technician.

In other words, I am a water boy.

Needless to say, the title makes me sound much more important than the actual job implies. But hey, it pays $10 an hour, the work is undemanding if tedious, and I get to watch the football team practice. Not too bad for a part-time job.

I worked there near the end of last spring, and worked the end of this fall, so I don't have too much experience, but hopefully I'll be able to continue my appointment this upcoming semester. I, along with the other Hydrotechs, are in charge of setting out the water and Gatorade on the field before practice, distributing them to the players as they have need, and cleaning up after practice.

If any of you are interested in finding a part-time job on campus, a good place to start is CalJobs. CalJobs is a directory for students to find jobs and internships. There are full-time, part-time, and campus jobs available. Only currently registered students are allowed to register for the site.

The Career Center page for CalJobs is found here:

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