December 12, 2007 11:54 PM

Christmas in our apt!

So, last week was a terrible week. I had presentations on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday and had papers due at least every other day. By Friday, I was completely burned out and I decided what better way to celebrate finals than by stopping by Mulford and supporting Cal Forestry through the purchase of a Christmas Tree!

Every year, since I've been a freshman, I've looked forward to a forestry tradition that heralds in the coming of the holiday season: the sale of Christmas trees! Every day this week, I have walked through the Eucalyptus tree grove up to Mulford and breathed in a the lovely smell of pine and orange-like smell of the Douglas Firs. It reminds me of home, reminds me of the holiday season, reminds me of my family! Finals are coming up and this tree reminds my roommate and I every night that they are only a temporary nuisance that will soon give way to good times with family and friends at home.

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