December 1, 2007 2:58 PM

Crashing Down...

Hey! I hope everyone isn't drowning in studying for finals and finishing papers! As for me...I still need to revise...more like, research paper for english. I always get so stressed writing papers. LOL. Ever wonder why I'm a science major? I'm only taking english to fulfill pre-med requirements...but after this semester, I'm going to take a break before taking another english couse. The professor was really good, but writing papers just stresses me out too much.

Anyways, still wondering about the title? Well, I live right across from Tolman Hall, so I can get the Airbears wireless internet connection...until now...On Monday, my internet just died and I haven't been able to use the internet at my studio ever since. I know I sound like such a modern college student, ever so dependent on internet...

Also, the other day, I was thinking "at least my shower still works." Advice: Never think like that!! Right now, my shower's a mere trickle. I think my faucet's stronger.

So, what to do when everything seems to come crashing down on you? Go to Walgreens, buy a bag of Almond M&Ms, and eat the whole bag! >.< That's what I did! Eating is always a good stress-reliever. It's better to gain a few calories than getting even more stressed out. Writing stuff in a journal...or in a blog :)...helps, too.

So now, I need to figure out how to get internet. I purchased the HomeIP through Berkeley, but for some reason, it isn't working. So, on Monday, I'm going to ask for help from the Moffitt Library's Information Gateway. You can get the Connect@Berkeley CD-rom here. It has a bunch of stuff you can download and it's supposed to help you connect to the Internet. As for the shower issue, I'm gonna ask my landlord about that on Monday. He's not here on the weekends.

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