December 31, 2007 10:11 PM

Family Dinner

My parents recently told me the secret (well, one of them) for a good family: Eat together. Now, this may not seem like a great revelation (at least it didn't seem so at the time), but time away from home has made me understand the truth of this simply claim. The best way to keep a family healthy and strong is to eat together.

As long as a I can remember, my family has almost always eaten together. Oh sure, there have been times when this pattern was broken (usually initiated by the insistence on the part of my brother and myself on sharing our meals with the television). When we eat together, we get to talk about our days, share stories, tell jokes, and give advice (which is not always one way, mind). There are times in our lives when we are busy, and we don't really get to talk very much; at these times, the dinner table is our solace, our bastion of family order and conversation.

I understand that in some families, everyone eats at different times, and so nobody eats dinner together. This undoubtedly makes it hard for the family to stay a family, to stay nurturing, loving, and respectful. I'm not saying it's impossible; I'm sure that there are families out there that don't get to eat together but still love and support each other. I'm just saying that it seems like it would be harder. I mean, family life can be difficult enough as it is; every little bit of help is necessary.

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