December 30, 2007 9:46 PM


My internet has been down so I haven't been able to post them but here they are:

Finals are basically done for me!!! Yes all of teachers decided to deprive me of sleep one week earlier than everyone else. Last week was my crazy stressed week filled with two finals, two presentations, and three papers. So everyone (my roomies) who were playing Wii and dancing around NOT studying, well I’ll be doing what you were doing last week!!! I apparently was quite well composed despite the amount of stress I was under. I took everything one task at a time and took study breaks. Okay my real secret was energy drinks. I don’t stay up crazy late though only until 1 am. See I get tired early, like 10 and I can’t study, so my liquid caffine is what gives me an extra three hours of studying!

Except I’m not crazy like some people, I only drink one serving, which is only half of a rock star to all of y’all who drink them like water. And of course….I used study groups which is essential (in my opinion) to doing well on tests. I even exchanged papers with another girl in my class so we could critique and brainstorm. I feel like students are nice at CNR and don’t feel like my motivation is to copy and paste their essay as my own and then turn it in with my name, which it isn’t. Students tend to help each other out as opposed to making it a competition with each other.

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