December 23, 2007 8:50 PM

Grizzly Peak Blvd

So those sunset pictures were taken from a turnout off of Grizzly Peak Blvd. Want to know how to get there? The route I took was just off the 24. I took the 24-WB and exited at Fish Ranch Road (this is in Orinda). I made the first right to stay on FRR and then at the next intersection made another right, getting on Grizzly Peak Blvd. There are many turnouts along the way--just choose the one you like. I'm not sure if most of you have cars (I'm assuming no if you live on campus), but that's probably the best way to get up there. People do ride bikes (both motorcycles and bicycles), but I wouldn't do it :-x lol.
Here's a shot of the side of the hill from the turnout:

See the Bigger Version, Click the Picture

Grizzly Peak can also be accessed via Centennial Drive or Campus Drive (Shasta Road).
Here's a great article from the Berkeley Daily Planet: East Bay’s Most Scenic Road Turns 75

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