December 28, 2007 7:18 PM

holy moly

so i don't know if you've heard the news from a few days ago, but being so close to san francisco it wouldn't surprise me if you have...
the tiger from SF zoo escaped!! it was a 300 lb tiger named tatiana (my roomate's name...hmm...) who may have climbed/leapt over an 18 foot wall to escape o.O!!
There were two injured people, and one was a 17 year old boy from San Jose (right by my hometown, by the way)
bleecchh, check out the details:
"The second victim was about 300 yards away, in front of a cafe. The man was sitting on the ground, blood running from gashes in his head and the tiger was sitting next to him, police said." (

it's a little scary to know that every time you go to the zoo, you have that small chance that something crazy is going to happen. I've seen videos of people getting spat at, crapped on, pounced towards, etc. But nevertheless, I would still love to go. I've never been to a zoo before and I know i'm missing out. Perhaps sometime next semester when I need to hide from my studies for a while.
Speaking of next semester, my classes are definitely going to be more challenging than this semester. Math, Chem, and Bio in contrast to Nutrisci, Italian, and Astro will definitely be a sudden turnaround, but hopefully I'll be able to handle it. I'll just have to lock myself in the library and crank down on what needs to get done.
But for now, I'll take the time to enjoy my break. yes, all long three remaining weeks =]

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Comments (1)

I haven't confirmed this...but I heard that that wall was only around 12 feet tall. The zoo had originally lied and said it was 18'.

Posted by Juan | 2007-12-28

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