December 20, 2007 11:12 PM

home sweet home

Mmmh, there's nothing like a good 15 weeks at berkeley to appreciate the home-ness of home. Without a doubt, it's one of the most relaxing feelings to be able to go to sleep as late as you want without the worry of waking up for an 8am the next day (which was well...monday,tuesday,wednesday,thursday,and friday for me). There is nothing in sight to do for the next few weeeks but hang out with friends, eat with family, and shop shop shop and get ready for the holidays.
Although at the moment, this seems like such an appealing idea I know that there is one rule that should be followed during winter break, and that is: don't just sit around. It is all too typical to succumb to the stereotypical actions (or lack therof) of being being a college student on vacation. This would entail sleeping when you see the sun come up and waking up when it goes away, eating junk food, watching tv, playing video games, computer games, watching tv, eating more junk food, etc. etc. Personally, I've had some pretty pathetic vacations which entitled way too many hours of tetris, sees candies, and the sad times I promised myself I would get out and run.
Hopefully this break will be different! We'll wait and see =] But I guess i'll have to start tomorrow since today I already went over to a friend's house in newark and played super smash brothers for a good two hours after watching "I am legend" and grabbing a burger at In-n-out. But i'll try real hard to make this the last day of lazy before i get out and do things this break

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