December 18, 2007 1:53 PM

I am Done

I finished my econ final yesterday afternoon and now I am done with everything. I have about two or three days before I go back home. To be honest with you people, once you get your own room and your own apartment, it is virtually impossible to go back home for long extended periods of time. There is only so much family you can take before it starts driving you more nuts than a Berkeley squirrel stash in the oak trees.

So how am I going to spend the last few days of absolute freedom? No clue. I feel like going out and traveling somewhere but that costs money and if you know me, I try to keep my overhead costs low. My room is literally nothing more than a box, a mattress on the ground, and a computer. Like I said, low marginal costs of living. I don't even like to keep the lights on for very long.

Suggestions for the continued procrastination of my life: Go get a girlfriend (yeah right). Go out to Walnut Creek and enjoy just walking around for a while (It's great until you have to use the restroom and you realize that you're in a suburb where all the restrooms are in the homes - unaccessible to you). Eat (As if I need to get any fatter). YouTube (There are so many kitty videos you can watch before you start feeling fuzzy). I guess all that is left right now is to go and play video games until my brains start to turn to mush ... or maybe even read a bit (Pfft and angels will start flying out of my nose).

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Comments (1)

go for high fixed costs, which don't matter since they're just constants :) next is to find a girlfriend; that would be my top pick anyway. more utility than anything else ^_^

Posted by Tay F | 2007-12-18

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