December 6, 2007 2:16 AM

It’s 2:05AM and my stomach is growling. I have class at 9:30AM and if I’m late, my last problem set -- worth 6% of my grade -- will be marked down one letter grade. No, I didn’t just leave Moffitt doing last minute work. I did the problem set last week. I have a term paper due tomorrow – but I’ve already turned it in. I’m on top of it. The work is complete. So why can’t I sleep?


It’s not my research or my job interviews. It’s not school, per say. Rather, it’s graduate school. It’s the GRE that I need to take on Saturday. The department I’m applying for lists summary statistics for admitted students: a mean score of 670/800 verbal, 750/800 quantitative and 5.5/6 analytical. My last practice test was 480 verbal and 610 quantitative. ACK!

In one of the GRE practice essays, I wrote about the prevalence in American culture of the ideology that hard work pays off. Well, I’ve been working hard on GRE study since the summer, and my scores aren’t rising!!! So the GRE will be a weak point on my application. That just gives me all the reason to hammer out the rest to perfection! I'll find out see what they say next semester. Let’s hope they don’t read my blog. Wish me luck!

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Comments (1)

Oh, they'll find your blog! That's the fun of it. Good luck! You'll be fine =)

Posted by Tina | 2007-12-06

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