December 14, 2007 11:52 AM

Live From Office Hours, It's Friday Morning

Good morning. I am writing this from my Econ 100A office hours. He is right now telling the most hilarious scene when he and his parents watch a graphic sex scene in a movie. Did I tell you that my GSI's father is a pastor? Goodness that is hilarious.

I am currently procrastinating from actually doing econ work but since I am in Office Hours, I am actually doing econ work. Did you get that? I hope you did. It's some weird contradiction but my hope right now is that I am gaining econ knowledge simply through osmosis. As my econ final edges closer and closer I am getting more and more polarized into two parts of Jonathan. There is procrastinating Jonathan who does a crap load of procrastination and then there's studying cramming Jonathan who crams for hours at a time.

It is almost like I am bipolar. These two parts of me would clash whenever I am working on Econ. Oh great. I just asked my GSI a question and he just told me that he had no idea. This is how hard economics is. I want to cry ...

Continuing from Econ office hours, Jonathan Yu.

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