December 30, 2007 9:54 PM

Please say "Hi"

Yes I was standing in line at FSM and I was recognized by one of my many blog fans. Okay so maybe it wasn’t exactly like that. But she did recognize me and tell me she was switching from L&S to CNR, hahaha L&S 0 CNR 2 (that’s right my blogs of wisdom have converted two people). We chatted about classes and how I liked my major, btw I love it, and which biology classes to take. This is where I’m not a lot of help is lower division requirements for people at Berkeley, however I did recommend that she go in and talk to one of the pals about it. If anyone ever spots me around campus please say Hi, I’d love to answer whatever questions you have. I do have some reccomendations for upper division courses.

One of my favorite classes this semester was ESPM 167, environmental health and development. I liked the range of health material mixed in with environmental factors. It’s one of those courses where you feel like you’re actually learning something applicable to life, unlike calculus. I also strongly recommend ESPM 169, international environmental policy. I like it because it allows for a greater understanding of the complexity of international governance.

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