December 7, 2007 2:13 PM

Provision of Gratitude

Over the Thanksgiving break, I went home to Granada Hills and relaxed with my family. I drove down with a few friends on Wednesday and got home around midnight. Some things had changed; my brother had put in a big mat in the middle of the living room to practice his break-dancing. My family greeted me with a hug and sent me off to bed. However, even though I was really tired, I stayed up until 3 AM playing Lumines on my brother's PSP. I guess some things don't change as much.

For the past few years, my mother has worked on Thanksgiving day (which allows her to get Christmas off). This year, my mom worked at her pharmacy until 9 PM. So my brother, father, and myself went to the hospital where she worked. We toured her (tiny) pharmacy, and had Thanksgiving lunch with her in the cafeteria. It was kind of cute, although it would have been cool if we brought our own silverware and put a centerpiece in the middle of the table.

That night, I went to my friend's apartment for dinner. These were my friends from the ICA at USC (ICA is the Christian fellowship that I am a part of). I met quite a few international students (Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan). I guess most of the domestic students had gone home for the holidays. There was such a variety of food and friends to enjoy.

This Thanksgiving was a much needed break. I was able to spend much time sleeping and relaxing. What I realized though was that many of the same problems that I (and my friends) have been struggling with don't disappear with just a little relaxation. There's still so many issues and problems in people's lives. However, we are still working, growing, changing, moving. Maybe those issues won't ever be resolved...but I will grow in the process as a person.

What am I grateful for? I am grateful for all the struggles, the issues, the problems in life. They remind me that I am not perfect, that I am flawed. For me, they remind me of why I need God.

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