December 31, 2007 10:26 AM

random thoughts on my semester

This semester has been...short and bittersweet. My classes were wonderful: ESPM 118, EDU 114AC, PP101, PP190 (Negotiations), and ESPM 163AC. I would actually recommend all of them to others.
policy memos, the impact of garden programs on school children and hot to build and foster a successful garden within one, slow foods, the multi-dimensional, multi-modal meaning of literacy, the right to fair treatment and conditions to everyone regardless of race, class, ethnicity, gender, or preferences, how to negotiate, and adaorable and intelligent fourth and fifth grade students like Marky are just a few of the things i've learned, experienced, and worked on/with this semester
I managed a class of interns and an Asian American Field Studies course - which I was still writing evaluations and reading reflections for and from even after my finals were over. I completed a whole (gut-wrenching) semester as PASS' assistant director of internal affairs. ha! I sound like i'm reading from my resume.

It all sounds great now...but man was this semester stressful! I don't think i've had another year go as quickly as this one did. Besides school and the incessant group projects that plagued me this semester, there's also family back at home. So many things happened at home: my mom tripped and was in crutches for a while, my brother sick, and my sister was once again a basketball star-starter/team captain. You miss a lot when you're away from home...even if you're still in the same state. But you know? I think for me it was sometimes a good growing and learning tool. I had to learn to balance it all and try not to let things influence your school life. It sure is good to be home though!

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