December 31, 2007 7:30 PM

Reflections on Finals

So it's been a week or so since I finished my last final, but I do think that some thoughts on the whole madness that is finals season is worthwhile. After all, they are sure to come again next semester, except for those few that graduated this past semester.

Finals season is an agonizingly long week and a half between the end of instruction and the commencement of winter vacation. It is the time, of course, when final exams are administered. Depending on one's luck, the alignment of the stars, and the university administration's arbitration, one's final exam schedule can either be frustratingly packed or amazingly chill. One of my friends had three finals on one day; imagine, a nerve-wracking, emotionally exhausting test morning, noon, and night. Another friend was finished by the last day of instruction, and spent his finals season playing video games.

What really strikes me is the change in the passing of time during finals. When I was studying for my Photogrammetry final, I gathered with some friends in Dwinelle for marathon study sessions. We would enter Dwinelle at 11 AM and not leave until midnight (when the janitorial staff would kick us out). Sometimes, we wouldn't even leave to eat, and instead subsisted on the crackers, fruit, and candy we brought in as snacks.

These study sessions also afforded us a sense of camaraderie. We had come together, each with our disparate specialties, to take on the task of tackling finals. We laughed together, made fun of each other, encouraged each other, played games with each other (I managed to injure my friend Steven in the knee in a friendly game of "chicken fight"). What will remain further ingrained in my memory will not be the tests themselves, but those long, tedious, enormously frustratingly, yet surprisingly enjoyable study parties.

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