December 8, 2007 6:34 PM

San Francisco

I have roommates who tell me that if I were to go buy Guitar Hero and play it in front of them, then they will disown me as a cool person. I think that Guitar Hero will an okay investment over the summer at least. I mean, how cool will it be to play a fake guitar? But as my roomie says, "With the time you waste on that game, you can actually go learn the actual guitar."

Totally unrelated but my mom is a gamer. She plays Counterstrike and there was no moment more classic than when I was playing CS in a public room, got killed and heard my mom downstairs cheering while I was shouting in anger. God that was terrible.

Final studying: Progression: 13% completed. I calculated this by taking the number of slides I still need to review, divided them by 400 and then added the number of tears I sobbed when I looked at my last midterm grade. To me, this is more accurate than a lot of presidential opinion polls out there.

My procrastination continues. Ideal ways to procrastinate your day away: Wikipedia, YouTube, hanging out with friends, calling a girl to flirt with her, finding a frog to try to kiss, kicking rocks, cutting your nails, rewriting your resume, cleaning out your computer desktop, watching anime and then trying to expand your eyes as big as the characters, thinking about Guitar Hero, eating buttered crackers upside down to see if it tastes better, and lastly: 35 push ups.

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Comments (2)

Jonathan, I love your humor in these entries.

Posted by Tina | 2007-12-09

Wow, your mom owned you in CS. That's so awesome. My mom has never played a video game in her life.

Posted by Tay F | 2007-12-09

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