December 2, 2007 2:03 PM

So You Want Pictures ... Too Bad!

My life continues to live. Am I thankful for that? Check back when I am done with living it. Anyway, today is cram day as Jonathan's new task is to 1) finish essay for history 2) finish URAP Work 3) go do economics problem set 4) cry.

I use the BART alot if you haven't noticed. Yesterday I was coming back from San Francisco when the guy announcer somewhere tells me that somehow the rails were all messed up somewhere in Pittsburg and therefore we can expect no trains for the next hour. I was not pleased but thank the Lord that I bought french fries at McDonalds before heading out there (Why does my word processor think French is a misspelled word?).

So I wait for a long time. A long time passed with nothing happened ... which continued for a little while longer. On the other side of the platform suddenly a train shows and stops and the doors open. It waits too with me. I was like, this is how all the horror movies start. Nothing is happening but the air is rife with anticipation. But of what?!

Suddenly, I see it. The train comes in THE WRONG WAY!!! What ... the ... It was the first time I had ever seen something like it! It was going backwards! The doors open and I go inside and ... the entire thing is empty. Has I ever seen anything like this? Nuh uh. It was like I boarded the weird train on the first stop to Creepsville. (As you can see, my life is bleak and empty of REAL things to talk about).

The train eventually reversed itself and I went back home ... 40 minutes late. Then I went to Target today and the same thing happened again. Apparently someone had caused an accident on the train tracks and now every train is late for like the rest of all the time in the Universe. I was not happy.

BUT! Here's a cat to distract you from how lame this entry is:

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Comments (1)

I don't see the cat! Sounds like a horrible experience on BART. Yuck!

Posted by Tina | 2007-12-06

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