December 17, 2007 9:00 PM

some yummy places to eat

Being at berkeley, it's inevitable that you're probably surrounded by places to eat. whenever I walk to school, work, a friend's dorm, I more restaurants than I can count.
But what makes the food here at berkeley so great is that not only do we have a lot of restaurants, but we have an incredible variety of cultural foods that reflect the fusion of cultures that is prominent here at berkeley. Just walking down telegraph, I can spot out a mediterranian restaurant next to a chinese take out place which is right across the street from a sushi bar with an italian restaurant just across the street.

So far, my roomates and I have been the following places to eat
Intermezzo Cafe
House of Curries
Julie's cafe
King pin donuts
Yogurt Park
A few places in the "durant food court" that I've forgot to name
For dinner today, I had a salad and sandwich from Intermezzo Cafe. If you've never been there, I strongly suggest you check it out!! My roomate and I shared a roast beef sandwich/ tossed veggies salad combo and we couldn't even finish it! And it was only 6.25 too! The sandwich consisted of thinly sliced roast beef, alfalfa sprouts, mustard, mayonnaise topped off with soft honey oat flaovred bread. The salad consisted of several types of lettuces, alfalfa sprouts, croutons, lettuce, carrots, and poppyseed dressing. All of this was for only 6.25! Intermezzo= highly recommended!
I also really liked house of curries, and would definitely suggest it if you're into spicy food. I tried several different types of chicken, and veggie plates, and all of them were delicious. More reviews to come later!

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Comments (1)

mmmmmmmmmm Intermezzo!

Posted by Tina | 2007-12-23

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