December 7, 2007 9:00 AM

The Art of Studying for Finals

Of course I do not claim to know how to do this studying and do it "the right way." There is no such way. There are friends of mine who just cram on the last second, bomb the final and then do participation extra credit like crazy until they get an B+ and go home happy. And then there are other friends of mine who start studying about a month before the finals and then bomb the final anyway because they choke up when the actual test shows up in front of them.

I prefer to study in a double pronged way. The first way is to cram like there is no tomorrow and then worry so much that you end up learning ten times more than you need to know ... with the exception of one problem that by way of God knows what, somehow shoes up on the final and then beats your butt like guacamole.

I despise that part of the final. But hopefully it will not matter as much because everyone knows that GPA's are made to go down. I've been on a wild streak for the last couple semesters and I'm due for a B SOMETIME. Though in my case it's kind of like income taxes, I just hope to delay for a little while longer.

I shall continue to update on how my final studying is going a long. Whenever I am posting, I am really procrastinating but in the end, the social benefit is the same ... unless Marginal Benefit is not equal to Marginal Cost. Econ is the death of me.

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