December 10, 2007 11:23 AM

The Procrastination Continues

My friend is taking BA10 which is essentially a class designed to sadistically toy with you before removing your soul and processing it for sale as your grade. She has a big test today and came over to study last night. I had other plans.

I introduced her to a game I played called Typing of the Dead, which is essentially a game that allows you to procrastinate as much time as possible by killing zombies by typing the words they represent underneath. I am better at this game than most average people. My friend is a typing God.

There is a particular drill that has you typing words and you have to do it without a single error for as long as possible. Eventually it gets you and I can't get any further than like 39. No wait, 39 in a row is my record. I have yet to get any further. I am stuck more than a turkey on Thanksgiving. But my friend starts and keeps going ... for a while. Soon enough she's hitting 100+ and she's thinking to herself and laughing cause she wonders if she's going to be up all night typing. She eventually gets to 136. Remember, my previous high score is 39. She smashed the record like Bob Beamon smashes the long jump record by 2 meters (Something that took the rest of the world 23 years to catch up to). I suspect that it will take 23 years for me to catch up with her.

I can blab for hours my travails with typing of the dead (because my typing has improvedf so much frmo typing ... it raelly wurks!) but I have econ to study. My procrastination ten minutes is over. Time to go back to supply and demands. You know, I suspect that this knowledge will be useful someday because you never know what girl gets turned on by indifference curves, general equilibrium and utility functions.

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