December 23, 2007 3:11 PM

The UC Botanical Garden!

For those of you who have been following my blog from the start, you're already well aware of all the time I love spending at the UC Botanical garden. But after speaking with a group of garden volunteers last week, I realized just how unique it is to even FIND the botanical garden as an undergraduate student, much less visit it regularly.

A link to their website:

So, here I'll highlight some of this year's great events given by the UC Botanical Garden, and mention the bus schedule to get there - to encourage more students to make their way to this beautiful oasis!

Look for the Hill line bus at the Hearst Mining Circle. You can use your student Class Pass to ride for free, otherwise it's $1. The bus comes every half-hour at 10-past-the-hour, and 40 -past-the-hour. Be sure to be on time!

Have a sick plant? Don't know what to do? Bring it up to the Sick Plant Clinic, every 1st Saturday of the month! Here you'll have experts tell you what's wrong and how to bring your favorite plant back to health.

FREE tours! Led by knowledgeable, trained docents every Thursday, Saturday and Sunday at 1:30pm.

Garden Gems of Asia - In early July, an opportunity to walk with horticulturist Elaine Sedlack through her masterpiece Asian garden (pictured above), to learn about hassle-free beauty that you can add to your garden.

Glass Houses at Twilight - In early August, here's a special opportunity to see the closed-to-public rare orchid house!

Summer Bird Walk - Check out the garden's beautiful birds with an expert birder!

Fall Plant Sale - at the end of September every year, you'll find a bustling scene of exotic plants for sale. Honestly, they have many of the same great plants for sale EVERY DAY at the gift shop, and you don't even have to wait in line.

Food of the Americas - an event that runs nearly every day in October, where kids can learn about all the different varieties of colorful corn, peppers, chocolate, and more, in the education marketplace!

Children's Carniverous Plants Workshop - Kids get a tour of the greenhouse, then learn how to pot, plant, and care for their very own carniverous plant!

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Comments (1)

I ALMOST got a chance to go up to the botanical garden this past weekend but missed it. I know I'll have to get up there soon though! Cool pictures!

Posted by Juan | 2007-12-26

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