December 5, 2007 4:23 PM

time to crack down for finals

Finals are approaching faster than I would like to admit, and like most of my floormates and classmates, it would be an understatement to say that studying takes some major willpower. But how should I study? When? Where? How? Here's my plan for the next two weeks.
Week of December 2-8:
-Check out study groups at Chavez learning center (located in lower sproul)
-Cross campus to Doe Library for some hardcore brain-frying in the depths of main stacks

-nutrisci exam 3 12/10
-Review select nutrisci podcasts and create concept charts on each lecture
-Take practice nutrisci tests and check answers
-Review old exams
-Attend review stessions for astronomy, italian
-Go to Chavez center for nutrisci studying
December 9-15
Astronomy focus:
-Review ay 10 podcasts on line, as well as powerpoints
-Compile and sort out select problem sets to review
-Go over two past midterms
-Take a 10 minute tetris break if the need arises
AY 10 FINAL 12/15

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