December 30, 2007 9:57 PM

Transfering to Cal?

12/16/07 will be your best friend!! Memorize, bookmark do whatever you have to do to remember this website. This website pairs up the community college you are at with any UC or state school and gives you what the equivalent of those courses are at Cal. I do highly recommend taking as many bio classes as you can to fufill the Bio 1A and 1B requirements for anyone who is transferring to a science major. DVC only required me to do 1A and its harder to find upper division classes that don’t have both as a prerequisite. I also recommend going to see your counselor at least once every semester. Even if it’s to say here’s my schedule of classes, am I on the right track? They are usually more than willing to help guarantee you an appointment with a university representative when they visit if they know who you are. I also feel like my ecology class has given me a great base background for the classes I took this last semester.

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