December 6, 2007 10:59 PM

Two suggestions...

Check Bear Facts for test location!
Please do not rely on the final schedule / location printout that is posted almost everywhere! Though more than 95% of that information is correct, you don’t want to be one of those unlucky people who are misled by the incorrect 5%. For example, the final for Chem 3A was originally scheduled to be in 100 Haas Pavilion, but the location is just changed to somewhere in RSF because the basketball people want to play basketball there, according to my professor.

Have enough sleep!
People tend to pull an all-nighter when something needs to be done tomorrow and you can’t finish it by tonight. This happens a lot during finals’ time. However, pulling an all-nighter is NOT a way to get more time since you will eventually give those hours back by sleeping more the next few days, not even to mention the decreased level of work that you would accomplish during these half sleepy and half awake hours.

However, I am not saying there is no place for pulling an all-nighter, since sometimes, one hour tonight could be worth much more than two hours tomorrow. For example, if you have a final exam in a few hours and you really need the extra couple of hours to study. In this case, you should probably go ahead and do so because doing poorly on the exam may cost you many more hours later, as you may end up retaking the class or speaking with the instructor.
Here are some tips where I think are very helpful if you decide to pull an all-nighter
1). Stay focused, which means no online chatting, no Facebooking, etc.
2). Don’t take a nap since you may not be able to wake up ontime
3). Take a shower to refresh yourself.
4). Eat some sugary stuff to provide your body that extra bit of energy.
5). Go easy on the caffeine.
Good luck on your finals!!!

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