December 21, 2007 11:29 PM

What can I do without Internet?

I guess the title of this post has already revealed what I want to share with you guys. And here it goes…

Even though I finished my last final last Friday, I didn’t get to go home till yesterday since I still had to work. Everything before Tuesday was good, because I did not have any finals left and grades were not out yet. However, when I got back Tuesday night, I found out that the wireless network at my place was not working. I tried and tried, but I still could not get my laptop connect to the network.

I was not that willing to go to sleep early. So I decided to go to a place where there is Internet. But then I was too lazy to go out in such a chilly night and I stayed in my room. So what could I do?

I first organized my room and recycled all the scratch papers I had used when I was reviewing for my ochem final. After I clean my room, it was barely 9:00 pm and that was still early for me to go to sleep. So I borrowed magazines from my roommate so that I could have something to read. Even though those magazines were not the ones I would read, I still sat there and read them word-by-word, line-by-line, paragraph –by-paragraph and page-by-page.

I thought Wednesday would be better but I was wrong. The wireless network was still not working. So I spent that night reading the papers I have written for my English class this semester and went to bed really early.

I guess this is the point I really want to make after all: Can we live without Internet? or Can’t we live without Internet? What about those days when technology was not advanced enough? That was not too long ago!

But now, at least for me, my laptop is constantly on for nonacademic use. When I do my homework, I have AIM & MSN Messenger on and wait for someone to distract me from concentrating on finishing my stuff. It is not that I cannot live without Internet. It is that I cannot live without HIGH SPEED Internet. You religiously check your email / weblog / Facebook / Instant Messenger…

Well, I guess I am one of those people who are suffering from Internet addiction.

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Comments (5)

hehe. You know, there's a library on campus that's great at loaning out books to students... It's a lot easier to survive without internet when you can propel yourself into another world.

Posted by Tina | 2007-12-23

Books are nice but in this day in age, the internet is by far the most useful "invention", and to be without it, even for a small amount of time is brutal :) |

Posted by John | 2009-02-25

I feel the same way. I am always waiting for some type of interaction. I can't even watch tv without my lap top...I can't just have information sent to me, I need to interact :-) |

Posted by Jeff | 2009-04-07

I agree with you. I went on a vacation just last week and didn't have access to where I was going for an entire week. I was ok for a couple days, but I went through withdraws from then on. I searched one day for an Internet cafe and after a couple hours found one...I was able to get my fix and it got me through the rest of vacation. |

Posted by Steve | 2009-04-30

First congrats on cleaning up the room...this is something I would have never been able to do...especially in the Internet days! How about a nice selection of

Posted by Ramon | 2009-08-04

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