December 23, 2007 1:40 PM

Why choose the College of Natural Resources?

Finding a smaller campus environment within the monolithic, intimidating UC Berkeley is crucial to success as an undergraduate. It's easy to get lost in the shuffle. Even within the smaller, more intimate College of Natural Resources (CNR), where class sizes are smaller on average and academic advisors are not over-worked - sometimes, students get lost. It's just harder to fall through the cracks when you have people looking out for you. Looking out for you, giving you the best experience possible out of Cal - that's what everyone working for CNR strives for.

Just a few of the exciting majors offered by CNR:

Genetics & Plant Biology (GPB) - Of course I'll start with this one, it's mine! Here you're able to get through similar coursework to the School of Letters & Science Molecular Cell Biology program, but with a plant twist. Also, the required upper-division courses have 60 or fewer students - no more of those nightmarish 500-student courses.

Forestry - Here's where I've found most of my friends. This major is challenging and prepares you for a career in land management. It's biology with a twist, if you will. But doesn't require the same Organic Chemistry requirements as the GPB program. If you love plants, but hate Chemistry, this might just be the program for you.

Conservation & Resource Studies (CRS) - Here's the one where you get to design your own program of study! Want to go into environmental law? This program will prepare you well.

Environmental Science (ES) - our blogging friend Wendy Chen is an ES major. Here's a great program that's joint with Letters & Sciences. With courses in hard-core sciences and policy alike, this is a great option for someone who's interested in getting in on both sides of the environmental debate.

Nutritional Science - Want to become a pharmacist? How about a nutritionalist, or maybe a dietician? Perhaps you're looking into med school, but you want to be enabled with a background that will allow you to help people more than a background in molecular cell biology would. Well, here we are: Nutritional science.

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You forgot EEP! :-P lol :-)

Posted by Juan | 2007-12-23

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