January 7, 2008 9:29 AM

For Future Oral Surgeons

Getting gum grafts during the winter break definitely ruined my break for a week. Let me tell the experience I had in the chair first. I had to get gum grafting for three teeth that were semi-wiggling which meant I didn't have enough gum/bone to hold them up. Remember, only on three teeth. This is very important to remember. So, I walked into the "operating" room, and my doctor was nice and amiable. She walked in and was like "What movie would you like to watch?" The movie was to help distract patients so we couldn't see the blood I guess. Well, Catch me if You Can was my all time favorite and an adventurous one- actually, it was either that movie or Material Girls. Anyway, after she put the numbing medicine on, I felt a little better about the this whole ordeal. But, if she thought not being able to see was supposed to comfort me, I felt like she should've given us ear muffs or plugs!! I could hear all kinds of drills and knives and suction. My imagination was taking over and my heart was beating so fast that I swear, my chair was pounding too. Anyway, she took a knife-like object, split open the gum. First, though, since a gum graft requires an addition of extra tissue, she had to get the tissue from somewhere right? Yes. She took it from the palate- the roof of my mouth. So, this is the feeling I got. It felt like she took a spoon and was digging into my tissue, like scooping ice cream. It hurt so much. Mind you, she did this to the whole roof of my mouth, not just a tiny section of it!!! Then, all of a sudden, I feel this string-like material coming out of my mouth and it was long(tissue perhaps?). She then told the dental hygienist to cut it. The next step was excruciating. In order to add the tissue to the lower jaw, she had to tie it. Literally. I thought maybe she'd just stuff the tissue in but no, she tied it into my jaw, like tying a shoelace. With each knot, jolts of pain ran down my mouth and entire body. After an hour, she was like, "how do you feel? That wasn't so bad." Sure..... "By the way,during the operation, I decided to put tissue on the whole lower jaw instead of just on 3 teeth."

Well, I thought to myself, no wonder it was the worst experience I've had. Though, overall, besides I guess my oversensitivity to pain, my doctor was the most skilled and professional and caring one I've met. So, for future dentists, oral surgeons, or any sort of doctor, establishing good communicative skills and having dexterous hands and coordination helps a lot. My doctor was friendly, calm, worked quickly and carefully and I was very pleased with the results. Those are just some of the qualities that a doctor should have to be successful and establish good patient-doctor relations. Anyway, I guess the good part of it all was that I got to eat lots of soft foods- yummy cakes, oatmeal, ice cream, cookies...hehe... I got away with a lot. :)

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