January 28, 2008 10:08 AM

Housing Co-ops

About a week ago, my friend told me about housing co-ops. They're an unique living option for Berkeley students. The cost is pretty inexpensive, averaging a little above $3000 for a semester. The cost includes food, internet, and utilities. Another appealing factor about the co-ops is that the laundry is really cheap! The reason why co-ops are so inexpensive is because each person does his or her fair share of chores each week. By contributing to the overall maintance of the co-op, people get an affordable living option and a unique living experience in return.
I've started looking at housing co-ops online, but I'm going to go visit them in person sometime soon. There's an application you have to fill out. I've heard they're some party co-ops, but in general, I think the atmosphere is close to that of a dorm. Right now, I'm considering

co-ops on the North Side (the safe side) of campus. I really wish I knew about co-ops before freshman year...I'm currently stuck in a year-long lease in my studio..but next year.. :) My favorite so far is Ridge House. It's supposed to be a 'studious' co-op, but if you want to party, CZ is just next door.

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Comments (2)

I lived in Ridge House!!! I'm still a Ridgeling, just an alum. If you want a studious, but still moderately social environment, Ridge is the place for you. Also nice for females is Hoyt Hall. It is super comfortable and well-run. Euclid is nice if you do not mind it feeling like a dorm. There is no social environment, you will most likely not know your neighbors, but you will have the meals made for you and workshifts of your own to complete. Kid is always a good one to try to get into, incredibly small, but way fun. North side is the way to go - especially with how close everything is to the CNR buildings, and the library!

Posted by Tina | 2008-01-29

Wait! I think I know you. You are in my ESPM 50AC discussion section!

Posted by Tina | 2008-01-29

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