January 9, 2008 3:32 PM

Less than a week...SIKE, or Psych if you prefer

It's hard to believe, for me anyway, that the beginning of the Spring semester is fast approaching. I've been out since December 15th and although I know I get a month off, it certainly doesn't feel like it. It's gone by way too quickly! I feel like I have so much more I need to do and although I love venting on Fresh Faces, I'm feeling pressured to keep it short! So I hope you all have had a great break and get everything together before the 15th! I'm going to miss just hanging out at home and not worrying about readings, problem sets, or anything else, but I am looking forward to being back at school. 'Till then, then, take care!

Hmm...it seems that in my haste (from looking at a particular website, and for other reasons which will be touched on shortly) I was under the impression that classes began on Tuesday, January 15th. I feel foolish, very foolish (lmao). It must have been while looking at this (yes, I admit I only glanced at it and then proceeded to close it) that I somehow got the idea that the semester started on the 15th. I mean, it is in bold! And another thing: why the "heck" (substitute appropriate word here, lol) aren't the dates listed on either the schedule, BearFacts, or Tele-BEARS?! I think it'd be helpful having that information available! Anyway, lesson learned though. Next time I will definitely make sure to look for the "instruction Begins" date. Yeah, how about we bold that one instead?! :-P

Anyway, I guess I ought to "thank" an incoming Cal Transfer student, at least indirectly. I found out, last semester, that he would be attending Cal in the Spring--I ran into him last semester at CalSO. I knew this guy from community college. Anyway, I emailed him today asking about everything and he mentioned that he'd be moving in around the 16th...I was like wtf? Doesn't class begin on the 15th? So I looked it up and sure enough I was wrong. Thanks Aaron! lol!

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