January 19, 2008 12:26 PM

new year's resolution, new academic semester

Well, I just got back into Berkeley today. It felt very different. For one, you don't have to tell your parents that you're going out, when you'll be back, or be forced to eat a plateful of veggies anymore!! But, waking up at 12 pm won't be an option or luxury anymore now that school has begun. Since it is a new year, I recommend that students set new goals for themselves. What had they wish they'd done last semester? Study more, get involved more, or exercise more? I guess I'd have to confess that I should have managed my time better with exercising and going to more clubs, but most importantly, managing my meal points. Definitely! Last semester, I was at 0 meal points 3 weeks before finals!! Not good. Thoough, the 1 dollar grill cheese sandwich at GBC was not bad!! This semester, I also decided to take 17 units, which isn't bad for a freshman since it usually depends on the types of courses, not necessarily the amount of units. This advice I got from the PAL program- mentor blogs in our department! I'm taking Psych2, english, math16a, chem 3a/3l, NST 11. I'm really excited about NST11 and even yes, organic chemistry. Everyone says that it's hard but I want to see for myself!! Let you know the details as soon as school begins!! By the way, books are sooo expensive. Sometimes, new editions keep appearing, I mean, it really isn't necessary to buy new editions.... i think...

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Comments (2)

I love eating plates full of veggies! I want parents like yours!

Posted by Tina | 2008-01-19

Hey Casey!! It's Christine from chem 1A study group. Do you remember me? Haha that's so cool that you are doing fresh faces =D

Posted by Christine | 2008-01-28

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