January 29, 2008 8:39 PM

oh what a jolly semester!

I am happy to report that although I was number 88 on the waitlist for Bio 1A I actually got in! Wohoooo this means that I am on track and won't have to shuffle my pre-med heavily compacted double major schedule around. Speaking of schedule, this semester I am taking the following:

Arabic 100B
Arabic 104
Arabic 111
History 109c
Bio 1A
Bio 1AL

Yes, that would be 21 units 16 of which are upper division, and no none of them are seminars or easy classes and of course I'll have no social life this semester!!! Still, I feel like I am more in charge of my semester because I know so much more about the procedures in berkeley and my way around I no longer feel like a visitor on campus but rather a part of campus so hooooorray for me! If you're in any of my 2394820394 classes, say hello!

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