January 25, 2008 5:48 AM

Washington State University visits

The Washington State University's sports coach Willy and five athletes (golf, baseball, and athletic related majors) visited International Christian University, Japan, where I am studying abroad. As a member of the baseball team (manager = girls pick up balls, bring tea to the players, etc. [not quite as cool as what a manager means in the USA]) I went for the welcoming and closing parties.

I'm quite amazed at Japanese hospitality. They took care of U of Washington's people quite well.

On the other hand, I found out that Berkeley has a baseball team. Did you know that? I only found out when the U of Wash captain of the baseball team, Simi, remarked on his experiences at Cal. Heh. Also, when they joked about Cal and the Pac-10, all I could really do was smile and nod. You see, all I know about Cal athletes is football, we hate StanfUrd, and we're in the Pac-10. That's not very much information.

By the way, W Dub =/= Washington State U=WSU
And, now I have a WSU hat.

Yay! Come back and visit again WSU!

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