February 22, 2008 11:11 AM

Can't wait for spring...

I just booked my ticket to Michigan and Virginia for spring break. I haven't left California in over a year (basically since Berkeley held me hostage) so I am enthused about doing a little bit of traveling in the US. In Michigan I'll be visiting the medical school (which ranks really high) and some close friends, and of course I'll be paying Dearborn a visit because I here it's mini Middle East in America filled with Arabic stores, restaurants, and just Arabs so that should be fun. Then mid week, I'll be going to Virginia to meet my mother where we'll be staying with my aunt. We also are going to be driving to UPenn and the to New York (yay for some quality shopping!). I can't wait to get on the airplane, only drawback...well it's not going to exactly be a "bathing suit vacation"!!! I'll be sure to post some fun pictures!

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