February 3, 2008 9:20 PM

Getting the most out of your bus pass

We all get one for free, as long as we're enrolled in classes at Berkeley. It's the AC Tranist bus pass. It goes on the front of our ID cards, next to our picture. Most of the time, students just use it to ride around campus on the Perimeter, Reverse Perimeter, or Hill Line.

But there's an awesome resource that few students know about. The online trip planner:

Just type in where you're starting, and where you want to end up. It'll tell you the best way to get there. If you scroll to the bottom "4. Transportation Options", you can choose Only Buses.

Some enticing places to visit, via AC Transit:

- Tilden Park
- Tilden Park Botanical Garden
- El Cerrito Plaza (Trader Joe's, Barnes & Noble, Lucky's, Ross, PetCo)
- Michael's Crafts in Emeryville
- Home Depot in Emeryville
- Office Depot in Berkeley
- Oakland Animal Shelter (to pet bunnies)

You see the other buses around campus, but do you ever consider riding on them? They're free with your ID, and they can take you anywhere you'll need to go. Need to go visit a friend in El Cerrito? Maybe you wanted to go to a hardware or crafts store in Emeryville. With a little planning, the entire East Bay is within your grasp. Sure, you might find BART convenient. But honestly, I find the subway noise unbearably loud, and there aren't pretty or interesting things to look at, unless you count advertisements and black subway tunnels. The buses can be slower, but they're more comfortable, generally cleaner, and quieter than the alternative. Did I mention these buses are FREE?

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