February 24, 2008 8:12 PM

Have lunch with CNR Dean Candidates!

Did you know that CNR is selecting a new dean? There are four candidates this time and you can eat lunch with them! Three of the luncheons have already passed, but there's still one more! This Wednesday is the last luncheon with the last CNR dean candidate. Not only will you get free pizza and soda, but you get to voice your questions and concerns to the candidate. What are his or her goals for CNR as Dean? How will he or she increase student enrollment in CNR? Can he or she make sure classes stop getting canceled at the last minute? Ask the candidate anything that concerns you about CNR!

I've been to all three of the past luncheons and I think they're a great opportunity to just get to know the candidates. The setting is informal so everyone feels comfortable asking questions. You get to learn about the candidates' backgrounds and interests and listen to what they want to do for CNR. This is great experience and one no CNR student should miss! So I hope to see you all there this Wednesday at 260 Mulford from noon to 1 pm!

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