February 24, 2008 8:21 PM

Rain Rain Go Away...

...come again another day....and it sure has...

It rained for about two weeks straight after Winter Break. Then, we had about a week of wonderful sunshine. I was so surprised! I've been asking some NorCal people and they all say that it gets warm around here in April. So I was extremely happy about the warm weather. I'm from SoCal, so I absolutely love the sun and warmth. I was actually in shorts that week. Alas...it was not to last...

The rain came back and it's as gloomy as ever in Berkeley. Doesn't rain just make you want to crawl back into bed with a cup of hot chocolate and watch tv or read all day? That's what I want to do instead of sloshing through puddles to get to class everyday.

Rain just makes you feel lethargic. I always sleep better when it's raining. This would be awesome if I didn't have to get up for 8 am classes and other stuff every day...most unfortunately, I do, and the rain makes it even harder to drag myself from my warm and cozy bed.

Well, all I can say is that I'm really happy I have an umbrella. I've always wondered...where do all the squirrels hide when it's raining? Their fluffy tails are going to get all soaked and not be fluffy anymore. On a side note, has anyone else noticed how bold the squirrels on the Berkeley campus are? Honestly, they're not afraid of you at all.

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Comments (1)

Yes....waht does happen to a squirrels tail? Yes they are bold at Cal but the ones that are crazy are in Yosemite. They'll tear through your backpack if you set it down for a minute to take a picture. The rain is wierd up here, it usually stops for a few weeks late feb to march but then those may showers come in. Good luck rolling out of bed in the morning, it always takes me longer when its cold too!

Posted by Marissa Ponder | 2008-02-24

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