February 5, 2008 10:00 AM

Summer Plans?!

I know it's a bit early to worry about my plans for this summer, but I just can't seem to decide what to do this summer. I've created two options for myself:

(1) Stay at Berkeley and take a summer course (maybe Chem 3B/L, Physics 8A, Bio 1A/L, or Bio 1B/L...any suggestions?), continue working at Moffitt Library, and maybe find a clinical positon...


(2) Go home to SoCal, take Spanish somewhere, and find a clinical or volunteer position

I keep going back to the second choice because I really miss my family, but I feel like I should lighten my workload next fall (I'm scheduled to take Chem 3B, Bio 1B, and Physics 8A). Does anyone have any suggestions for me? If I go with the first choice, which summer class should I take? Chem 3B/L looks quite intense, so I'm not really sure I want to take that over the summer.

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Comments (1)

Hi Victoria, So my suggestion is: don't take Chem 3B, Bio 1B, and Physics 8A all at once. It's doable, but very much not recommended. If you do choose to take a summer course, Bio 1B and Physics 8A nice ones to finish over the summer. Good luck!

Posted by Irene | 2008-02-06

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