February 12, 2008 1:36 PM

Warm Days...

Today is such a warm, relaxed day. The sun is shining so bright on the green Berkeley campus. A soft breeze blows. Students are walking around in T-shirts and shorts. Yes, it is a perfect summer day...in February.

One of the many things about Berkeley that shock people who come from outside the Bay Area (or indeed, outside of California) is the weather. It is just so warm and so beautiful here. As my friend from Massachusetts put it "You guys don't have seasons out here! Everything is the same!" She said that caroling during Christmas was frustrating, especially during songs like "Winter Wonderland."

Not to say that Berkeley is always this way, of course. Just a week or so ago, we had a massive week of rain. Walking around to class was not pleasant on that day. My books and planner got soaked right through my backpack. I don't really mind the rain, but I do prefer the sun. Still, it's days like those rainy days that make me appreciate days like this.

Now if only I didn't need to do schoolwork...

Tip for people coming to Berkeley: If you look outside and it's overcast, carry an umbrella. The forecast may say that it will not rain, but you can never be too sure. It took a while for me, a SoCal boy, to figure that out.

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