March 7, 2008 5:39 PM

A month of Vacation

It's been one and a half weeks into my lovely vacation. Japanese universities have March off....and some even have February off too. I only have March off [International Christian University]. During this month, I've moved in with my cousin who is located in central Tokyo. The apartment is near Tokyo University [a.k.a. Todai].
Yesterday was quite productive. I finished my HTML final project for the UC Berkeley Extension class Creating Websites with HTML. Since I could do everything online, I had started in October. One has 6 months to finish an online class. Haha.

I guess I'm near the deadline of 6 months by being just a month away. Just a little bit. ;)

Also, yesterday, I decided to go see the 1st Global COE International Workshop at Tokyo University. It focused on Integrative Life Science and Biosignaling. I was quite impressed by the range of people that presented. There were students from University College London, UCSF, Harvard, and of course, Tokyo University.
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The English level of the students was quite impressive. I wish that I could be as fluent in Japanese as they are in English. Sure, I can converse, somewhat, but these students can answer and ask technical science questions in English. One of the more interesting and understandable papers was by Kana Ishimatsu of the Takeda Lab. She talked about the Emergence of coordinated oscillation in the segmentation clock. (Note: I had no clue what any of the subjects were about and lacked the ability to understand, when I went in.) She explained it from a basic level so that I was able to understand what her research was about and the importance of it. Training myself to understand scientific presentations has been an ongoing process here. Speakers speak quickly in order to pack all their information in. It is difficult to comprehend quickly a subject I have never touched. I'm learning to speed up my thought process I think. I hope. :)

The rest of the month, I'll be making an attempt to visit museums. There's a luggage museum I really want to see which is located in Ueno, Tokyo. Luggage is awesome. The amount of luggage I need to lug back after this year is not.

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