March 29, 2008 11:58 PM

Ambulatory Adventures!

No, this entry isn't about paramedics or anything remotely as exciting. Just noting that, since I got into Berkeley, I've walked around a lot more than I ever did in LA. The very nature of the city lends itself to bipedal transport, I suppose. Everything is in convenient walking distance away (or at least is reachable by bus), so there is no immediate necessity for a car. Indeed, sometimes owning a motor vehicle in Berkeley is supremely trying, since there are the draconian parking laws and unintuitive road structures to manage. It seems that the city of Berkeley actually intentionally discourages driving; how else can you justify those large barricades in the middle of the road that divert traffic in only one direction?

Unfortunately, most people from LA are not big walkers, myself included. Los Angeles just doesn't lend itself well to a pedestrian-friendly environment (although it doesn't hold a candle to communities like Irvine). Truth be told, if I didn't have ready access to a car at home, I would not be able to get around anywhere, really. I actually kind of prefer the easy access of Berkeley, where I can walk around outside and not worry about having to travel for 40 minutes before getting to somewhere to eat.

Most of this is gross hyperbole, sure, but SoCal dwellers, take note: If you're coming up to Cal, make sure to buy some comfortable shoes. You're going to need them, especially on those big hills.

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