March 18, 2008 1:44 PM

Fall 08 Semester Planning!!!

Telebears Phase I begins in mid-April!!! The online schedule of classes for the fall semester is already up, so start planning your schedule! Remember, during Phase I, sign up for classes that fill up quickly, like organic chemistry and the other general science classes. The labs for these classes fill up really fast. You should schedule your other classes to fit around these lower division science requirements since their labs take up so much time.

I've already started planning my schedule and so far, I know I'm definitely going to Chemistry 3B/3BL (this is the second part of organic chemistry) and Biology 1B. Most students take Biology 1B before they take Biology 1A

because Biology 1B is supposed to be a lot easier. 1B is on plants while 1A is more about DNA.

I might take Nusctx 10 just out of interest since it's not a requirement for Microbial Biology or Molecular Toxicology majors. Nusctx 10 is a requirement for Nutritional Science majors, though.

I don't remember if I've mentioned this before, but I'm considering a double major in Molecular Toxicology in addition to Microbial Biology. For Molecular Toxicology, MCB 32 (Introduction to Human Physiology) is a lower division requirement. You can also take the lab course that goes along with this class or you can opt to take an upper division lab in microbiology.

I went to see the MB advisor, Trey, yesterday. Go see your advisors! They're really helpful! Did you know that certain AP credit can actually fulfill the L & S requirements for CNR students? Ask your advisor to see if your AP credit satisfies the requirements.

I actually have enough AP credit to satisfy all the L & S requirements, so technically, I don't have to take any. However, I think I should take some humanities courses so I'm not overloaded with science. Taking humanities courses also shows grad schools that you're well-rounded and you can do other stuff besides science. I'm considering taking an english course next semester. There are actually a lot of interesting english courses available. I heard there's one with a Fast Food theme! The english couse I took last semester had a 'Monsters and Modernity' theme. It was really interesting! So if english isn't exactly your forte, try taking courses that have themes that interest you and that you won't mind writing about.

Start planning your schedule early!

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Comments (1)

Hi Victoria! I'm an incoming freshmen, and am about to go to my orientation in 2 weeks..i was just wondering how you could find the "fast food theme" or any other theme-ed english classes. i really want to take an english course in the fall that will keep me awake and be very interesting. Also, for science classes, it is mandatory to take a lab correct? And, are the labs really 4 hours long??? And also, some courses say you need to take the discussion you need to schedule another day for that? and does it need to be before or after the actual lecture course? Haha, sorry i'm so curious..and i can't wait until the orientation day to ask. I hope you don't mind answering my questions! :/.

Posted by Kathleen | 2008-06-02

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