March 23, 2008 9:00 AM

Home Sweet Home

Isn't home the best? Even though some people tell me that I'm going to start loving Berkeley more than SoCal because I'm going to Cal, I find that highly unlikely. Right now, the sun's streaming in through the windows and it just makes you want to jump right out of bed at sunrise, or a bit after. Back in Berkeley, my alarm rings, and I hit the Snooze button...three's just so grey outside that I want to stay under the covers for as long as possible.

Besides the weather, Socal is just home. I love being with my family and some of my friends from high school. Even though people at Berkeley are awesome,

it's nice to hang out with your high school friends. It's kind of sad, though...I'm not the greatest person at keeping in touch with people, so I only hang out with some of my closest friends from high school. Do you ever feel a gap when you hang out with some of your old friends? People you haven't seen for a few just feels like something's changed. Family's different, though. It's amazing how seamlessly you can fit right back in at home. It's like I never left home. Everything's mostly the same. You can always count on your family to always love you no matter what. They're never going to dislike you because you seem different from the person you were in high school. "Blood's thicker than water." It's pretty funny. Every time i go home, my mom thinks I lost weight and the proceeds to stuff me like the Thanksgiving turkey. What she doesn't know is that I gained weight in college, then just before I go home, I try to lighten up because last time I went home during Winter Break, both my grandma and grandpa said I was fat. You know you're fat when your grandparents tell you you're fat. I've only been back for a bit over 24 hours and I think I've gained three pounds already. Seriously, I think my mom brought Costco home.

Anyways, I hope everyone's having fun at home! Or...staying at Berkeley to study for the second round of midterms. Sorry! Just felt like I needed to remind you guys so that it's not an ugly surprise after spring break.

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