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So this is my first blog and before I can start providing advices I will introduce myself first. My name is John Cortez and I'm a freshie studying Environmental Economics and Policy (geez such a long name). I am also planning to double major in Political Science because I am mainly interested in policy making and solving public issues. Actually, I thought I was going to become an engineer, but...

... but I got admitted to CNR!

I remember last year around late March when my college application responses are coming in. I was very anxious because I thought I might not get accepted to any college because of my messed up high school transcript--I'm an immigrant from the Philippines and I just came here during junior year. And honestly I have problems with grammar and word choice, so I thought my essay would not make it. I applied to six different colleges, all engineering except Berkeley. So after months of waiting, I received my first letter from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. YAY IM GOING TO COLLEGE!! Then UC Santa Cruz... but my first choice college was UC Davis (close to relatives, well if you ask me why Berkeley is not my first choice... I'll get to that later). So finally I received a letter from UC Davis rejecting my admission. WHAT?? Booohoo!! Then my second choice UCSD denied me as well. *sigh

Cal Poly was my third choice so I'm going there... but wait! I am still waiting for ONE application. I thought to myself, "Whatever. It is easier to get in to UCD and UCSD and it is the right logic that Berkeley is not going to accept me." I just applied to Berkeley because my brother forced me to. I told him that I'm wasting $60 for applying to a school that would never admit me. But I was wrong.

It wasnt over yet though. Choosing between Aerospace Eng. (Cal Poly) and EEP (Cal) was tough. I did not choose Cal right away just because of its prestige, instead I checked what both schools has to offer--financial aid, housing, courses... I leaned a little more towards Aero, but EEP interests me also. I then decided to visit both campuses. After Cal Day, I made my decision to go here because the WEATHER, CAMPUS, and PEOPLE are sooo AWESOME!
(There's another Cal Day coming up on April 12, 2008, Definitely try visiting the campus whether or not you are a student. There's plenty of freebies and cool things to see.

My two cents for future college students:
1) If you are on your phase choosing between schools, its definitely worth visiting them.
2) If your first choice school does not admit you, it is not all over yet. For me, it does not matter how great a school is, what matters is a person's effort and willingness to learn and move forward. Community colleges can be your second chance as well (not to mention that you can SAVE plenty of cash too)

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for more blogs!

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Comments (4)

Welcome! Nice to see another EEP major! Congrats on Berkeley :-)

Posted by Juan | 2008-03-15

Huh, what a story... my friends were weirded out when a guy we know got rejected by ucd and accepted to cal poly too, but I guess it's not as uncommon as we thought? Anyway, EEP is what I've signed up for. Berkeley's reputation as a hard school really intimidates me, so I'm not entirely sure I'm enrolling yet. :x Definately visiting the campus again before May, though. I look forward to reading what other advice you have to give!

Posted by kim | 2008-03-31

Thats an interesting story. Im going to a JC and preparing for a plitical science major. I want to transferr to UC berkeley when I can afford it. I also was thingking about an EEP major as well. Its cool to se some one with similar interest. Maybe someday we will be making changes. peace

Posted by PJ | 2008-10-19


Posted by Gahb | 2009-03-14

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