March 10, 2008 9:18 AM


So this past week marks the second time in a month that I've been pretty sick with a cold. Do you remember reading that book "Alexander and the terrible, horrible, No Good Very Bad Day" ? I read it back in elementary school and it was one of my favorites. Anyway, my point was that I felt like I was having one of those the day I got sick. See, on thursday morning at 8:00AM, I had a lab report for Chem 1a to turn in (a FORMAL lab report, might I add). So, I set my alarm for 7:10 because, well, 50 minutes is PLENTY of time to get ready for class right? Yes. But no, not if as soon as your alarm rings, your subconscious decides to pull a sneaky "lets turn off that darn noisy wake up call and go back to sleep"

And unfortunately, that's what I did. I woke up at 8:40 for my 8:00 lab, changed clothes in record time, and ran (literally, ran) from southside campus all the way to Latimer Hall. Luckily, my kind GSI took the formal lab and post-lab worksheet from last week's titration lab. But I was still kicking myself for putting myself in a position to lose easy points for a lab that I had stayed up till 5AM working on.
So in my fury to change and run quickly to class, I had decided against putting on a sweatshirt or sweats, thinking that I could make it to class faster in my normal running gear (sneakers, shorts, and a t shirt). Silly silly choice, especially considering that as I was lacing my shoes and swearing in frustration that my throat was feeling funny. Throughout the rest of the day, that funny throat feeling didnt go away, it only got worse...and before I knew it, my throat, back, shoulders and brain were all hurting =[
To make matters more fun, I had a little backpack accident as well. I picked up some "mango mighty" naked juice from the RSF, and took it with me to my two other classes for the day. When I reached into my backpack, i was absolutely delighted to feel a mighty sticky mango mess inside, covering my notebooks, backpack, and pencil case.
I know it all doesnt seem like a very big deal, but believe me when I say I was feeling pretty crappy. Friday and Saturday my cold developed into a mini-fever, then a wicked sore throat. But lucky for me I went home on saturday for some rest&recovery with my mommy =]

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Comments (1)

"I went to sleep with gum in my mouth. And now there's gum in my hair..." Yeah... I remember that book.

Posted by Tina | 2008-03-10

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