March 12, 2008 5:12 PM

Spring Break...

For Berkeley students, Spring Break isn't much of a break. While the other UCs have their spring breaks right after 3rd quarter, Berkeley's spring break is smack in the middle of semester, right before round two of midterms. I can just imagine my spring break...studying for organic chemistry and toxicology. However, even with all the studying I have to do, I'm still going to spend some quality time at home in SoCal. Hopefully it's sunny there over spring break. By the way, it's going to start raining in Berkeley sometime soon and rain for the whole of next week. Just perfect. Berkeley has such odd weather.

So, does anyone have plans for spring break? Fun plans? I really want to go visit UCLA sometime. I can't wait until summer break! Oh, I've decided to go home to SoCal this summer and take a few courses at a community college to satisfy my breadth. Actually, are CNR students allowed to satisfy the breadth requirements from L & S at community colleges? Or do we have to take them at Berkeley?

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